How Many Accidents Are Caused By Cell Phones – 21 Day Distracted Driving Challenge

This so far, is the most important challenge posted on It’s a challenge everyone needs to take. Please share.

Watch the videos, take the pledge, experience a 360 distracted driving simulation, be an advocate and stay up to date.

95% of drivers disapprove of distracted driving, yet 71% engage in smartphone activities while driving.

Take the pledge to never drive distracted again and join the movement to help save lives.

  • I pledge to acre for those around me and put my phone down when I’m driving.
  • I pledge to share the message: DISTRACTED DRIVING IS NEVER OK.
  • I Pledge to be aware that I’m never alone on the road.

360 Experience
DriveMode App Download the AT&T DriveMode App to help minimize distractions while driving.

DriveMode is a free app that can silence incoming alerts and calls while you are driving. The app will automatically kick in when you start driving 15MPH or more and will turn off when it senses you have stopped.

This can also be added to your teens phone and notifies the parents if this app gets turned off or if your teen has disabled any of the safety features.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like the DriveMode app is available in Canada, but DriveSafe Mode is a similar option for those outside of the US.