5 Days Of No Coffee Challenge

When’s the last time you went without coffee? If you can’t remember, it’s a great time to take the 5 days of no coffee challenge.

Do you wake up feeling like you can’t function first without your cup of coffee to get going? Most people say they really do enjoy coffee for its rich taste and aroma, but if you feel you can’t get going in the morning without it, caffeine is probably more at play in your desire for coffee than you’d like to admit.

Does it irritate you when your significant other or kids try talking to you first thing in the morning before you’ve had your coffee? If these words resonate even a little bit, its time to take the no coffee challenge.

Taking the no coffee challenge may not be easy, depending on how addicted to coffee your body has become, but it is worth it.

Do you remember all the reasons you loved coffee in the first place? The increase of energy, better performance throughout the day, more focus. Coffee gave you a super power boost that you probably are not getting any more.

But with only a few days off, that same feeling can come back. It’s a good idea to regularly take time off coffee, to give your body a break, to lower your tolerance, so you don’t need as much coffee to get the desired effect and to better take advantage of the benefits coffee offers in your daily life.

You may find after starting the no coffee challenge your a little short tempered and start to get headaches. This is the withdrawal process of caffeine. Keep your water intake up to help flush your system and remember to get your electrolytes. Drink some coconut water, eat and avocado, or banana for potassium and don’t shy away from salt.

Vegetable smoothies are also a great idea for cleansing and rehydrating the body. Carrots, celery and cucumber are great for providing vitamins, minerals and natural salts your body will be looking for. You may also start to notice that coffee isn’t the only thing that gives you an energy boost, but you can get great energy boosting effects from fruits and vegetables as well, that don’t come with the crash hours later.

If you have any health issues, be sure to consult your doctor before taking on any challenge. Especially the no coffee challenge, where withdrawal could be too stressful on your body in your current health condition.