The 7 Day Diet Challenge

This is a unique diet in that your not going cold turkey of the things you normally eat. I can’t still eat junk food? How is that a challenge?

The first part of this diet is adding in certain foods for the first few days, while you can eat what ever you would like for the rest of your meals. The second part of the diet is where you slowly start elimination the not so nutritious food in your diet.

Dr Becky says this will help you stop feeling so overwhelmed as well as helping you have less withdrawal symptoms as a result of your body detoxing from sugar.

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Day 1: Add up to a pound of non starchy vegetables. This could be just one big salad.
Day 2: Add up to 3 pieces of fruit and still eat the salad.
Day 3: Add up a cup of beans, plus the salad and the 3 pieces of fruit.
Day 4: Add up 3 tablespoons of nuts and seeds
Day 5: Subtract sugar and refined foods. Flour, breads, cereals.
Day 6: Subtract red meats.
Day 7: Subtract dairy foods.